Monday, 11 June 2012

Tuesday - Blessing of Archangel Raphael

 Raphael means  'God has healed' and whilst not named, he is considered the Angel of the Lord that descends into the pool at Bethsaida healing those who are dipped under the water. After Michael's wrestling match with Jacob, Raphael is said to be the angel that healed Jacob's dislocated hip.

Not surprisingly then, he is the partron of healing and healing knowledge. His healing covers both human and environmental ills and it is said that he gave the building plans of the Ark to Noah.

Raphael has a particular gift for overcoming demons which has led to him being a particular patron of people struggling with addiction and those with mental illness.

Prayer to Archangel Raphael

Archangel of  healing
Guard me in the shadows 
And lift me from the claws of darkness
Bring me to the pool of eternal Love
Let the waters wash over my weariness
As the sun's rays reach into the deep
Let grace fill my being 
As the wind fills the seeking sails
Let the Spirit bring me home 
As the dove finds its resting place
Let my heart find rest 
in the Father's arms
In Jesus' name




  1. Thank you thank you thank you...

  2. you are very welcome - I pray it works + x