Saturday, 16 June 2012

Saturday - Blessing of Archangel Barachiel

Angel - Bar Convent Chapel
To end the sequence we have Barachiel. Saturday in Heaven does not sound like a day of rest as Barachiel cares for it under two titles - Lightning of God - and - Blessing of God. His symbols are rose petals and a basket of bread- images of generosity and affection - although this is probably why he is so busy.

He has three distinct roles in tradition. Barachiel's first responsibility is as chief of all the guardian angels ; whether this simply involves matching them up with their human wards or if guardian angels ever require training or discipline is not mentioned, perhaps just the odd word now and again.

Barachiel is also the patron of Confessors, giving them a compassionate ear, a discerning heart and words of encouragement. Another of his symbols is the Book of Wisdom so able to give godly and practical advice.  He then stands before God offering the contrite hearts for blessings and grace.

Barachiel is also the patron of married couples especially those seeking children or troubled marriages.

He brings a sense of balance,hope, blessings and reconciliation to humanity. Not at all unwelcome at the end of the week.

Blessing of Archangel Barachiel

Blessing of God
Bless our lives 

Lightning of God 
Enlighten our Hearts

May we be guarded 
as precious jewels 
in the crown of the Servant King

May we guard others 
knowing they reflect 
the face of the Living Lord

May we be forgiven
as the woman was forgiven
by the acceptance of God's Family

May we forgive
as we are forgiven 
by the blessing of our merciful Father

May we find peace 
in the arms of angels
settled around a throne of welcome

May we give peace
as though we were angels
Messengers of God's Holy Spirit 

In Jesus' name



  1. Thank you again. I have saved them all :-)

  2. (((+))) - May they all come in useful - some more than others :)