Friday, 15 June 2012

Friday - Blessing of Archangel Jegudiel

If you are one of those with good intentions but who gets easily distracted Jegudiel, meaning the 'laudation of God' would be the archangel to invite on your next retreat or pilgrimage. 

If you are seriously intending to achieve a growth in faith you may be lucky enough to encounter a Road to Damascus moment but more likely it will be a combination of desire and sheer hard, prayerful work.  Jegudiel is the patron of spiritual endeavour and working towards the Glory of God.

He has two notable symbols - a whip - to encourage, hopefully. And held in his hand, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, particularly appropriate this Friday on the feast of the Sacred Heart.

Blessing of Archangel Jegudiel

Place my sandals upon my feet 
and send me forward
even on the paths I do not choose

Place my staff into my hand 
and mark the waylines
and boundaries that need to be crossed

Place my satchel upon my back
filled with food for the spirit
words of wisdom; Word of God

Place my hat upon my head
and shield my eyes
against the rain of distraction and doubt

Place my hand upon my heart
and take my pledge 
To follow the Heart that burns with Love

in Jesus' name 


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  1. Thank you for introducing me to this Archangel, Word. I can definitely use his help!