Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sunday - Blessing of Archangel Michael

Possibly the best known of the Archangels  -  Michael is devoted to the People of God. He was given responsibility for the Chosen people from the day the gates of Eden were closed. He is said to be the one who parted the Red Sea to lead the Isrealites to safety. It was also Michael who stopped Abraham from killing Isaac and who wrestled with Jacob. He stands guard over the tombs of Moses and Eve - two particular souls that the devil would like to claim.

His name means 'who is like God' and is more to be heard as a question than a statement - considered the mightiest of the angelic princes; Michael is the humblest - knowing that he is in no way 'like God'. 

This humility and integrity has made Michael the patron of knights and many branches of the armed forces including paratroopers. What may be surprising is that he also is the guardian of the injured and dead of the battlefield and the healers of war. It is under Michael's wings that we make our way to Heaven.

 Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael
Warrior Prince
Right arm of God
Be at my side this day
A shieldman and defender
Teach me, through humility 
To be a deliverer of mercy 
Show me the right path
Keep me from all harm
Guide me in truth
in Jesus' name



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