Tuesday, 17 December 2013

O, Antiphon - Wisdom

O Wisdom, 
flowing from the mouth of the Most High; 
reaching far and wide, 
disposing of all things sweetly and mightily. 
Come teach us the way of prudence.

Sofia,  beautiful -  skin deep; 

heart deep; blood deep; gut deep.

The beauty of a crone; shining wisdom; 

flowing compassion; crafting prudence.

Sofia, midwife of hope; knowing beyond; seeing within. 

Tasting the humours on her tongue; 

ferric blood; salty tears.

Sofia, counting the quickening in her heartbeat;

Holding the moon in her embrace;

Calling Hope in her song.

O, Come...O, Come.



Sunday, 15 December 2013


Hobthrush Isle off Lindisfarne

The Island teaches attention
To the nature of passing time;

The Island teaches rhythm
Ocean’s ebb and flow:

The Island teaches patience
And learning in the waiting;

The Island teaches presence
Stillness in the landscape:

The Island teaches faith
God’s finger on your pulse:

The Island teaches life
And death.
The Island teaches
It is not you who decides.