Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Thursday - Blessing of Archangel Sealtiel

The thurible angel
 - All Saints, York
The blessing of Sealtiel - Prayer of God - is a blessing that particularly surrounds prayer and the celebration of the Eucharist; Sealtiel is said to stand over the incense burner in times of adoration and direct the prayerful smoke towards the Holy Trinity.

He is one of the archangels said to support the arms of the priest as he celebrates the Eucharist; lending the strength of Heaven to the devotion of humanity. 

Sealtiel is also the patron of prayer - particularly difficulties in prayers such as distractions, coldness, or feelings of apathy. 

When Julian of Norwich said  “Pray inwardly, even though you find no joy in it. For it does good, though you feel nothing, see nothing, yes, even though you think you cannot pray.” - she may well have been inspired by Sealtiel.  

Blessing of Archangel Sealtiel

Archangel of prayerful contemplation 
Shield me with your wings
from the crowded bustle of life 
Bring me to sacred stillness
To a temple deep within 

Make a well of peace around my heart 
bringing me to silence 
 a place of sanctuary where
I watch for the bridegroom's lantern
For a glimpse of heaven's face

Let the whispers of aromatic praise
free me from the gravity of earth
Let me soar with the angels 
Speaking words never uttered
Singing unwritten harmonies

In the light of a glazed sunrise 
may I walk untrodden paths
through labyrinths of peace
leaving no footprints 
on polished floors of cedar

May I know my God
and hold my unknowing 
In open hands of prayer
In Jesus' name


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