Sunday, 10 June 2012

Monday - Blessing of Archangel Gabriel

Catholic Shrine at Walsingham

Archangel Gabriel is the only archangel to be portrayed as a woman - although it is assumed that angels don't have a gender. Perhaps it is her involvement in the miracle of the Nativity that suggests a certain midwifely-ness about her. 

The link to the birth of Jesus begins many years before when Gabriel speaks to Daniel of the prophecy of the Christ who is to come. She tells Zachary of the importance of the birth of John the Baptist.

Her most important visitations were, of course, to Mary, Joseph and leading the celestial choirs to call on the shepherds. It is also said that she is the angel who shared Jesus' last moments in the Garden of Gethsemane. 

She is the Archangel of Incarnation and Consolation; she is a teacher and speaker of Truth. 

Gabriel and Michael are said to be responsible for the gathering of souls on the Last Day when they will stand for judgement and mercy - there are disagreements which is which - perhaps, by then, they will be in collaboration. 

Gabriel is said to be the Archangel who dictated the Qur'an to Mohammad over a 23 year period. She is the patron of Communications; particularly long awaited news, inspired revelation or matters requiring diplomacy - probably much needed on a Monday.

Archangel Gabriel

Powerful Archangel
Bearer of truth
Messenger of God
In the chaos that surrounds me
Help me to see the Father’s hand
In the darkest of places
Bring the hope of Christ’s guiding light
In the roaring storms of life
Let the Spirit bring moments of peace
So the message of God’s Love
Lives within my heart
This day and every day.
In Jesus' name