Monday, 2 July 2012

Octave of Peter and Paul - Day 4 - Stand up

Acts 9: 18

'something like scales fell from Saul’s eyes, and he could see again. He got up' 

There's a fine balance between fear and faith; especially in these times where the Way followers are being persecuted from all sides. We had been warned that Saul was on his way. His reputation leading the road; breathing murderous threats; reports that he held the cloaks clear of the dust and blood as Stephen was stoned to death. That a stone would have missed it's mark and found another...that Saul would be the one laying cold in the ground.

I prayed; I am not a brave man. Forgive me, Lord. That is not your way. O Abba, send your Kingdom; deliver us from evil. I prayed until I fell to my knees. And heard His voice asking me to go to this monster; to bring him both the gift of the Holy Spirit and the price that must be paid.

By myself I could not have done it; could no more have left the shelter of my own lintel than walked a pace on Straight Street.  Then the Lord shifted my yoke onto his shoulder and near dragged me the length of the way. 

At the threshhold He left me. In prayer I wrapped his strength around me as a cloak. This was my leap of faith; my moment of being the prophet; my angelic act.

A breath and I was within -  the coolness of the shadows like a blanket covering  the silhouette of a man bound in prayer as I had been not an hour since. Another step and I was at his side as a brother, holding his head against my chest.  My tears baptised him as his own tears took the scales from his eyes  and fell into the healing earth. 

In my fear, I had wished Saul dead and the Lord had taken my prayer and healed us both. Together we stood up.

In Jesus' name



  1. I love the story of Ananias. For indeed Saul was the most evil man on earth for him.
    A very good post, Word. The reciprocal healing... Thank you.