Sunday, 1 July 2012

Octave of Peter and Paul - Day 3 - Stand up

Acts 2:14

‘Then Peter stood up’

The crowd thought we had been drinking - it was an easy mistake to make- in fact it wouldn’t have been totally out of the question.

It was festival after all. We had been cooped up in hiding for so long
a drink would have been welcome; and we did have a reputation
for drinking and enjoying ourselves even when the Lord was with us.

And that’s it really – that’s what gives it away – Peter - not stupid, just one of those practical men who talks with his hands – wanting to do stuff not talk about it - putting his foot in it when he does. Fishermen don’t do too much talking - don’t like crowds or people much.

And Peter was still like that, never liked the Lord being surrounded by the crowds, couldn’t cope with miracles and had barely forgiven himself for what had happened at the trial. He knew he was supposed to be the leader now – ok – as long as it’s the practical stuff. But he couldn’t do the ‘inspiring’ bit – couldn’t imagine how. Maybe he though Andrew would be the spokesman, or James or John? All better at it than he was.

But when the Spirit came down on all of us we knew that we were transformed; that the breath in us was like fire freeing our hearts.
And we all spoke; but the voice that came from us was not ours but the Lord’s. Everything he had told us before and after the Resurrection, even the things we had forgotten; now made sense, had a rhythm -had a need to be told.

And we did speak, without fear, to everyone – the feeling was fantastic.

And I knew when Peter stood up, that that was it. No fear, no trembling voice; full of authority; the voice of a witness. This was for real; the next part of the journey started here. It was up to us to make the difference - we all had to stand up.



  1. Yes. You were there, Word. It is obvious :-)
    May the Spirit come on all of us in one big swoop now as it came down on them then...

  2. Thank goodness for 'borrowed time' Claire +x