Monday, 23 April 2012

Shield of the Morning

Be my Shield

I call on the Sacred Three
To be with me this day
To be Life so that I may live
To be Love so that I may love
To be Hope so that I may hope

I call upon the Father
To be my shield and my breastplate
To give me the strength to do my duty
As the defender of what is true
And to know my duty is to Life
To protect the weak and the helpless
To seek the better Way.

I call upon the Son
To be my Path and my Pathfinder
To find the roads of the Kingdom
To give me a heart that sees the truth
In a world where truth is led astray
To see beneath the grime of distrust
To the shining light of goodness.

I call upon the Spirit
To be my eyes and my sentinel
To give me wisdom and courage
So that I may act with integrity
To be a hand of mercy
To bring hope in darkness
To do what is right

The Sacred Three to be with me
To be my shield
This day and forever.



  1. What a great prayer, Word. Thank you! I will keep it and pray it :-)

  2. Thanks Claire; I wrote it for someone in the army going over to Afghanistan. When I read it through today it seems appropriate somehow. :)

  3. Thank you for sharing the origin of this prayer. To keep this person in your/our prayers.