Friday, 27 April 2012

Blessing of the Willow

Blessing of the Willow 

I have gathered my prayers
Rich sans script text on cotton rag
Bound in tooled Italian calfskin
Attributed, acknowledged, abridged
But not what I wanted to pray.

I have gathered my prayers
Iconic imagery in detailed stone,
Paint on canvas, hand carved wood.
Visualised, tactile, idealised
Yet not what I wanted to pray.

I have gathered my prayers
Exotic incenses, fragrant candles,
Oriental oils and balms
Perfumed, aromatic, miasmic
Still not what I wanted to pray.

I stood at the window
Dumbstruck, tongue-tied
Full of unspeakable words
And I saw her in the garden

Complete in herself
Firmly planted in the earth that
Gave her life.
Arms raised to the light of Heaven.
Bare faced against the elements.

I watched as her heart called out
To the God who made her
In joyful thanks
For her place in the Pattern
For her chord in the Song.

I felt the Spirit bless her
Loving fingers through her hair
Along the length of her body
Whispering Creation’s secrets
Sharing in the Word of Life.

Then I went into the garden
Words pouring from heart and mind
A true call from self, from longing
I spread my arms beside the willow tree
And joined her in her prayer.



  1. This is beautifully evocative. I've always loved the grace of Willows. Whenever I hear that phrase, 'beside quiet waters' I think of them.

  2. We used to have a willow in our garden... I know what it is to hug trees and feel their energy blending with mine.
    Thank you for a beautiful blessing :-)

  3. This tree is in the field behind the Church - we have celebrated services there and of course she is a great refuge and play space for adults, children and birds. Her confidence in herself is an inspiration, as nature often is. Thank you both.