Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Lord's Prayer

St Francis of Assisi

No ritualistic gestures or long words. A simple prayer -

Dad, you are wonderful and I hope everything goes your way. Help me to care for others, even those I don't like. And look after me. Thanks

And as that's the Father God I believe in, here is my prayer

Lord, I am nothing, if I am not Yours
Yours to love with a father’s pride,
Yours to love with a mother’s care.
And here I am, an adoring child
Reckless in the security of that love.
Confident that whenever I fall
I can lift my arms to you.
Whenever I fail,
Your smile will give me strength.
Whenever I am lost
You will take my hand
And lead me home.
For I am Yours.



  1. A simple, beautiful prayer. I was watching 3 doves together at Holywell yesterday with my daughter. Praise be the Holy Three. Thank you Mairie.+x

  2. A beautiful prayer indeed, Word. And a beautiful comment, log :-)