Monday, 26 March 2012

I Believe

I believe in a God of Daybreak
Who impatiently rouses the dawn chorus
To gloriously proclaim a new day.

I believe in a God who ruffles leaves
And sends clothes snapping in the breeze
On whirligig washing lines.

A God whose breath is life itself.

I believe in a God lying with His head on my pillow,
Eyes wide, willing me to wake up to say ‘I love you’
In that first stirring breath of morning.

I believe in a God who sighs, laughs and cries
The day away at my side.
His presence always present.

Who catches my eye in racing clouds and dancing children.

Who fiercely wraps me in His wings when I need him
And sits bemused when I think I don’t.

I believe in a God who will let me fall
Only so that He can pick me up
And put me on the right path.

Who will shake out the mantle of night
And find a star for me to follow.

Who will call the Universe to a quiet ‘Amen’ at the end of the day.

Who closes my eyes with a soft kiss of Love
And guards my dreams with a white owl’s stare.

My love belongs to this Love.
To a God who believes in me.