Thursday, 3 October 2013

St Francis of Assisi

The Hermitage - Assisi
view of the Hermitage -
still 30 minutes walk to go

Who knows how long a walk?
Wrong shoes, no directions, no water in the middle of the day- the faith of a fool.
But there is an intent for this walk - a journey towards a leaving behind. The ego, the little I, 
the needy needing to be needed; and for what?

To prove that I am ‘good for something’; 
that I have a right to exist?

God’s been doing the hard work again –waiting - waiting for me to recognise myself in Him.
To realise that I may be an outsider but I am not outcast –
not from God’s Love, not from Christ’s Body.

To know that being ‘useless’ means being available to the Spirit’s desire. 
To understand that I can only be ‘useful’ to God by being empty, by being vulnerable.

And. Lord, seeing this, knowing this, does not make it easy. Not for a Martha like me.
left behind

But in this sacred space filled with the humility and devotion of Chiara and Francis may I find my own place at your table.
So I thank you, Lord, for the challenges and errors that got me here.
For showing me that nothing is impossible; 
that I am braver than I thought I was;
that I have  friends; that I have You.
Take my life Lord, fill it with Yourself.


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