Thursday, 16 August 2012

Pilgrim Sands

Only a footprint
a passing waymark 
in the pilgrim sands 
leading home

Reclaimed by 
ancient whisperings 
crystals of sand
ocean's tears

Barely footed
under sun and moon
sanctuary revealed
in the turn of the tide 

Safe passage 
in the steps of the wise 
pock-marked staffs
of those gone before

This footprint
the pilgrim's seal
of welcome
to the Holy Isle.

Blessed be


Lindisfarne, the Holy Island, is a tidal island. It can be reached twice a day by the causeway or by walking the pilgrim path - avoiding the quicksand and deep channels by following a series of staffs driven into the sand. At two points there are high platforms to be used as refuges when the tide catches you out. 


  1. I love all the soul food I find here and other places where you publish your thoughts for the pilgrim in me. Thank you.